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in america as well. so the media has a little catching up to do. but they are missing the key >> gretchen: that is stirring the pot. a common goal of ending the western way of life. you and your neighbors must not miss what the media is, they are missing who is organizing all of the american dream rallies that happened over the weekend. who did the unions go to to be able to file permits to get the places to have these rallies,? you will not believe it. we'll tell you in a minute, come on. >> hello, america. the violence is spreading like wild fire. bahrain saw tens of thousands rally and promise to continue until they see a successful revolution. it is the home of our fith fleet. libya is most on fire. hundreds of thousands of fled to egypt and tunisia to escape the fighting. our war ships are on the way. rebels have control of most of the country except for the capitol compound. protestors flash with the antiprotestors took to the streets including the heavily fortified green zone. 12 civilians died and more than hundred injured. the chinese government is involved. it is dismantling pro
they remind me of america. they remind me of who we are supposed to be. when we are at our best, nobody beats us. we are not republicans or democrats. we are not even, really, americans. we're just brothers and sisters and people. in mechanic, it used to be called american exceptionalism. it is not as natural to us anymore. in fact, our president and many people if this country left and right don't believe it exists. but you are seeing it in japan. japan is still natural to the japanese, like it used to be to us, i wonder, if it still is. have we been turned against one another? they have not been. i remember saying on 9/11, i remember saying to my radio audience, it was about 5:37, i looked at the screen and i remember looking at the clock and talking into my microphone and saying to many of you, have no fear, we will not be defeated by an outside source. america can only be defeated by itself. i wish i would have had a bit of fear of us at that time. but i didn't. now i see the forces within. in japan they have something called "gumbat testimony -- which means do your best though matter wha
at all. good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. a lot to report today. you have been told by the media and politicians alike that this theory is wrong. that there is nothing to it. pay no attention. well, that was the storyline that was churned out and rehashed by pundit after pundit and reporter after reporter for god knows how long. but as we watch the middle east and now the rest of the world catch fire and we watch the events of the day play out, well, it has to become more and more clear who is correct. and who is incorrect. so then the question would become wait a minute, why hasn't the incorrect side rushed? you know, all of those who rush to dismiss or discredit the view point come out now and rush out and say whoa, whoa, whoa. wow, it is really happening. what would stop them from reporting what is now the undeniable documented truth? this is important, because you will see by the end of the show that there is another agenda. another possible explanation. i think the likely explanation here is those with real power need you to be, need you to need them. to need th
for destruction of israel and then the spread to america. that is coming up. but it all ties in to the 12th imam, christian anti-christ. and it also ties in to what else is going on in the middle east. it's a little strange. let's start here at home first, with your wallet. the man who runs the largest bond fund in the entire world, so he probably knows a thing or two, says the u.s. treasurys, the things, you know, our debt have "little value" because of our ever-increasing debt burden. warren buffett suggested avoiding betting on the u.s. dollar because he believes it's about to tank. wall street is increasing their interest in what they call tail risk. what that is, is funds that are being set up by pimco, deutsche bank now and other wall street firms. we have been called crazy and we told you prepare. prepare. for massive stock market dives. the funds lose 15% per year in normal conditions but they are structured they're structured to cash in big-time in a time of crisis. nobody has done these before. people are now saying, i don't think this is good. something is going on. what else can i do
, america. welcome to the "glenn beck program." as a kid i watched "star trek" with my dad and i had to lay on the floor like this because i was the tv remote control. my dad would say "turn it to 7." i'm definitely not an uber "star trek" geek or anything, but do you remember episode 77, the savage curtain? it's been 42 years ago this month that this aired. i don't know this stuff by heart or anything. a lot of this -- look at this guy. i brought you here. do you remember this? this is the one where abraham lincoln somehow appears on the uss enterprise and they go to a planet where the lava rock comes to life and forces kirk, spoke, and other people to do battle with newt genghis kahn ad other people from history. they wanted to see which was stronger. good or evil. watch. >> you have failed to demonstrate differences between the philosophies. good and evil use the same message and achieve the same result. >> glenn: yes, yes. >> you seem to use the same method but you achieve the same results. good versus evil. >> glenn: yeah. yeah. looking back on this, it might explain my lack of childho
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. i have been talking about the perfect storm for several years now. perfect storm is all of the forces in the world that want to take america down and capitalism and the western way of life. extremists, communists, iran, all of them. the border, the debt, for lack of trust, energy, war, terror, political correctness, islamic extremism. financial problems. the enemies within, which i just added last week, and now i'm going to add another one. all of these things are happening. and we can deal with maybe a combination of a couple of them but they are all happening at once. that is going to pose the biggest threat to the united states, the one we have ever faced. even civil war i don't think was as tough as this one is. then you have gas prices and food prices skyrocketing. a global recession. these things happening altogether. it's just not good. i want to show you something that i saw very few outlets mention this yesterday. news outlets except for fox talked about it. and it was a lead, it was broken i think by the "washington times." maybe you caugh
ourselves in to, most americans are alike, most americans respect the freedom of the republic of america. it is different. it is unique. it is a country that is different from the rest of the world. freedom and it will be we do respect. we also respect the rules of the game, most americans just want something that is fair and honest. that is why we've worked it out. we duked it out oh the battlefield of ideas as george washington said, then we went to the voting booth. we have no problem losing as long as it's fair and honest. we learned last election from our president, in his words, elections have consequences. but unfortunately now just like our financial industry we are teaching our children yet again to run away from the consequences of an election or your own actions, we have to stop teaching that because that is not what americans do. wneits a lot of hard working union members do either. tonight i want to talk to you about where we're headed and who we are and the choices we have to make. i want to talk regular hard working americans, union or not, it doesn't matter because i don'
business network. [ applause ] >> hello america, tonight is another fun-filled friday on the glenn beck program. revolution, that is what we're going to talk about tonight but in the historic context and we have people in the audience who are from hungary and russia and cuba, from countries all over the world that have experienced revolution. and revolution up until recently is a word that everybody thought was ridiculous. it was a forgotten idea, something from the old days in the history books that apparently doesn't read anymore. but the events around the middle east has served to put us on alert, i hope. too many people, gee, revolution is great. no, it's not. because revolution is just the beginning. it's a reminder of what a small but dedicated group of people bent on revolution can accomplish. we can easily forget the seeds of our own country were planted in revolution. how many countries that are existing right now in the world have their roots in revolution. i'll give you that answer in a second. our revolutionaries were different. i love this guy. i wish i had a t-shirt of thi
. this weekend, world coming back from the brink. we're here live saturday. >> glenn: hello, america. i want to welcome you to the "glenn beck program" and tell you tonight i'm going to lay out a theory. i have a lot of facts but i want to separate from facts from theory and you have to help figure this out. something is very wrong. it has been a busy couple of weeks for the president. there is a lot going on in the world. his job to lead the free world. what is he doing? he just carted his 60th round of golf as president. who hasn't golfed at least 60 times in the last two years? then, of course, the ncaa brackets. there is always a crisis. march madness is only once a year. today is st. patty's day. president went to capitol hill to celebrate that with congressional leaders. tomorrow, it's off for a well-deserved vacation in beautiful rio de janeiro. wow! may i just ask is he bidding on the "price is right" showcase showdown or is he running the free world? tonight, you decide. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. there is a few things here i have to lay out with you. and it's disturbing. a c
. if it doesn't shock and wake all of america up, i honestly don't know what will. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. i want to talk to you kind of first on a personal note. doing a tv show like this -- don't get me wrong, it's not digging ditches. in one way, it's the easiest job ever. but another way is difficult. enif you believe in what you say. you're not just doing rip-and-read, you're just reading somebody else's work or words. you are trying every day as a staff to produce new material, because you have a different point of view. so you have to do your own homework. and to do it responsibly takes hours and hours and hours, endless hours of work for an entire staff. then each of us, we do a lot of reading. we do a lot of reading of current news. but also of history. enif you are a dope like me. i think i am the only person on the staff that didn't go to college. most of my life i spent as a lazy typical american, you know, kind of eating fruit loops every day and going this is sweet. on 9/11 my eyes started to open up and i realized holy cow, this is fragile. we have a responsibility as citiz
america become free loaders? this is small time. there's bigger money in getting governments to help you free load. >> they need to start writing checks. >> congress will give $50,000 to any black american who says he attempted to farm. >> the foreclosure crisis. s are bad guys. they took homes from innocents. -- this woman hasn't paid her mortgage for 25 years. she says she doesn't have to. these guys' website encourages people not to pay. sounds like a scam. but this is true. >> it is legal. >> you guys are disgusting. you are helping peep free load. >> politicians love doing that. -- >> you can help your girlfriend, your girlfriend's momma. >> everyone will applaud you. >> everybody thinks the government owes them something. >> some american indians are rich. stay poor, feeding off government. >> social lists like you have convinced them to do that. -- socialists like you have convinced them to do that. >> if i'm a socialist what does that make you? >> i thought i was a capitalist, but i'm a freeloader too. you helped me pay for my beach house, we'll call them on it. you are a freeloa
. you will see it in the middle east. you'll also see it here in america. we'll stop in both places today. sometimes evil disguises itself pretty well until you get close to it and you're like oh, that's evil. then there is the evil that can make itself appear attractive. usually when it makes itself attractive, it's something that is easy to do. sometimes evil is hard to spot. sometimes it's easier. for example, mass union strikes in england. they are happening this weekend. they say about 100,000 people will be marching to protest government spending cuts and it will raise taxes. it will be something like the last protest, i'm guessing where they assaulted prince charles andca mill will l.a. where they -- camilla and shouting "off with their head" and trying to break in their car. clearly evil. let me show you the flier this weekend going on. here is the flier. see it. occupy london, stop the cut. see the horse? the horse represents power trampling over government. the people's power. what is their plan? the plan is to take over, strike, occupy, and release all hell. you know what
to israel? is america on the wrong side? i think we are. two things to watch for. one, israel is about to strike back. israel can only take so much. nobody in the press is covering what is happening to israel. when israel strikes back, which they are being forced to do now, watch out. because the gates of hell are going to open up. and we will do nothing. and it's worse than that. as you will see tonight. the second thing i think you need to watch for a call to come from washington to pull out our troops in the middle east. which may be our best option, which would send the world in to chaos. but the other option will be soon to send more troops because of the humanitarian crisis. either way you slice it, our troops and our nation is at peril. tonight, i believe i can put some of this together in your head and some of these things will make sense. you won't like the answer. but they will make sense. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. nothing in the world make sense. tonight we're going to shed some light on some of the issues and decisions that are leaving people confused. we have some
people. that is exactly what millions of people are being encouraged to do here if america. and tonight we have told you before there are influential radicals would have graced and crossed the threshold of our white house more than once. that wish to collapse our economy. turn us against each other. redistribute wealth and overthrow the government of the united states. i have told you this over and over and tonight i will present the evidence, including a detailed plan but i won't give it to you. i will allow them to tell you from a conference they had this weekend when they didn't think anyone was licensing. their own detailed land to overthrow the united states of america. their own words. on tape. now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. i want to talk to you tonight. i had a choice to make yesterday. coming to you, trying to find a police man to help with what came to us over the weekend. i realized we're darn near out of policemen. i don't necessarily trust eric holder. i don't trust the administration. i don't trust congress. i don't know who to bring this to, except you. th
says about america. and so much more. it's at to call black liberation theology, a guy who has done it on television now for the last few years, that was crazy. that was crazy. when i first said that's marxism, taken the shots. mm-hmm. that was obama's church for 20 years. marxist and socialist. now they're finally admitting it. thank you for the truth, reverend jeremiah wright. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. i said it yesterday and i think i should say it again. the president may have been hit with a tranquilizer dart or -- maybe a stun gun. i'm not sure. his fans in the press always called his calmness "measured. thoughtful." i think it's about time we start to consider the possibility of sedation. might be. it's bizarre to watch how he is behaving. while the globe is melting down all around him. you remember his excuse for not talking about libya. he actually said he had a scheduling conflict. and so he couldn't talk about libya. tiffany, tiffany, sky god producing tiffany, are you there? >> i'm here. what's up? >> glenn: thank you. would you remind me tomorro
♪ ♪ >>> hello, america. i'm judge judge judge filling in for glenn this week who is on vacation. tonight on the docket, the price of oil and growing government debt. the bloody protest in the middle east and north america set the price of oil skyrocketing. oil is trading at a half-year high of over $100 a barrel. and consumer saw 33% gallon gas price jump at the pump in the last two weeks. meanwhile, the federal government continues racking up endless debt. today is $14 trillion. by the end of next year, if the president gets his way, it will be over $15.6 trillion. that debt is money. you and your children will have to pay back. our progeny will be born as financial slaves to the federal government, as they will have their way to tax to spend for spending that occurred before they were born. yet the big government shakedown doesn't stop there. part of the reason gasoline is so expensive because of the unconstitutional government interference. you see, the government, the federal government is sitting on huge reserves of oil. it places nonsensical drilling restrictions on oil co
, america. i'm judge napolitano, guest hosting for glenn beck today. we have a lot to cover. let's start with the battle to rein in the ever-growing federal budget deficit. big government republicans in the house are leading up a pathetic charge to cut $61 billion in this year's federal budget. to put it in perspective, the federal government budget deficit for 2011 is projected to be $1.6 trillion. cutting $61 billion is a joke. but senate democrats won't be outdone when it comes to half-hearted or spineless spending cut measures they proposed additional $6.5 billion cut that the congressional budget claims is only $4.7 billion. can you follow any of this? america, too many politicians on both sides of the aisle have simply lost touch with reality when it comes to government spending. a $4.7 billion cut in the face of a $1.6 trillion deficit is akin to doing nothing when it comes to solving this problem. it's as if an alcoholic stood on a podium addressing fellow drinkers and proudly proclaimed that night at the bar, he would only have ten shot of jamison instead of the customary 11. ye
the top of the mountain. no, that's crazy. and apocalyptic! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. it is impossible to adequately put in words the amount of destruction and suffering that is going on now in japan. last week's quake was the fifth biggest since they started measuring. and the largest ever in japan. it was almost a 9 on the richter scale. what does that mean? scientists are now saying that is an earthquake that happens once every 1,000 years. the u.s. geological survey says the quake shifted part of japan coastline. ready for this? japan has moved 13 feet closer to the united states. the earth moved ten inches because of this and the tsunami. the earth's axis was tilted slightly and shortened the length of the day by a couple of millionths of a second. part of japan's elevation has dropped do you remember the devastation in haiti do you remember what that looked like and how bad that was? that was horrible. but this quake in japan packed 1,000 times the punch of what hit haiti. you have probably seen the footage over and over again. i sat at my computer with my wife the other night lo
. captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. a lot to do today. i have never ever called for an opposing voice to be silenced. not even osama bin laden. i believe it is better to have debate in the light of day. at least people can make an informed decision and by challenging people, it makes people stronger. we can disagree. but it doesn't seem so anymore in america. have the debate. others cower. right now, soros and his billions of dollars are mounting what they describe as a gor guerilla war and sabotage on all of fox news. this is a quote. and, of course, this program. quoting them again, i guess we're dangerous. let me ask you, who is more dangerous to a free republic? the one that supports open debate or the one that disguises himself, called it an open society while trying to silence all debate. of course, george soros doesn't want my voice on the air. of course, he wants you to sit down as well. of course he turns down our invite to be on the show, claiming that he would be made to look like a foolish old man by me, which couldn't be further fro
: well, america, judge napolitano here, guest hosting for glenn today. tonight, is america broke? the "new york times" says no. bloomberg news says no, fillm-maker michael moore says no. you be the judge. right now the feds are $14 trillion in debt. last month the government borrowed $233 billion alone. a record for one month. and, in fact, it's estimated that the total unfunded liabilities of the federal government, social security, and medicare, as in the money the government will be expected to pay but won't have is a bit bigger than the total global economic output. i don't know about you, but if that is not broke, i don't know what is. republicans control the house of representatives. might they be able to defund obamacare? might they stop the government from borrowing? can we trust establishment republicans to follow through on a 20-cent campaign promises to shrink the government? after all, their spending cut proposals are hopelessly insignificant. who is fighting for spending cuts? tea party lawmakers, of course. joining me is representative a lan west who ran as a tea pa
the postal service. a simpler way to ship. >> glenn: well, america, judge napolitano in for glenn tonight. budget battle against nasty. warning that recipes get their way, senior citizens to could see their social security checks delayed as a dozen senators defect push for deeper spending cuts. but neither the democrats' plans nor the plans offered by republicans seriously address the nation's spending crisis. nobody wants to see grandma and grandpa starve on the streets. republican proposal wouldn't do that but the military and nation's entitlements social as medicare and social security must be reformed. we are broke. what will happen if we don't get our fiscal house in in order? add to this world biggest bond fund dumped all the u.s. debt. jobless claims are rising. we have one more week to go until we get a budget deadline, meaning the government can't spend any more money. what will happen next month? the republicans have a solution for getting spending under control. who better to address all this is congressman paul. it's a pleasure. welcome to the glenn beck program. dow is down 2
to miss. c'mon. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. tonight we're going to talk about israel. israel is about the size of new jersey. it is a little bit, bitty country right here in the middle of all the fighting. okay. it's surrounded by happy nations like egypt and libya. saudi arabia. yemen. bahrain. and iran and jordan, lebanon, syria, turkey. it's great! and as the nations one-by-one go through unrest and regime changes, all of the change is a little more hostile toward israel. one glance at the news, and it's easy to see the momentum is not going in the right direction if you care at all about israel. i want to show you what has happened generally in the last 24 hours or so just since we met last night. you tell me, are things getting better or worse? yesterday, u.n. general secretary ban ki-moon said israel needs to end its occupation of the palestinian territory. and called the so-called occupation morally and politically unsustainable. then turkey, remember, a member of nato. hey, we're about to turn this whole thing over to nato. that is so good that turkey is in there. nothing spoo
's changing problem. tonight, we take them on. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. there is a lot of evil in the world. i know people don't like that world, but that's tough. turn the channel. watch spongebob squarepants or the clown on the other network. evil. we'll focus on. it but we'll also focus on the good as well. we have a choice. it's what this was all about, e-4. enlightenment, empowerment, education, entrepreneurship. it's that. we'll focus on that. which are you? you have choices in life. that's what life is. my father used to say to me glenn, life is a series of choices. but once you make the choice, you have to be prepared to live with the consequences and the ramifications of that choice. right now, we're given bogus choices and we're told what we cannot do, but we are not giving the other side of it. for example, we were told this or what? we know we don't want this. so it's that. but then we're not defining that. the financial meltdown. we don't want the financial meltdown. you want the financial meltdown or do you want hope? do you want special interest running your gove
will do that. a lot of miss america candidates would like that treatment. >> and you wonder why the ratings keep falling. they take all the drama out of event. >> jon: that is a wrap this week. thanks to our panel. see you next week. >> bill: a few years ago when i interviewed donald rumsfeld he was bullish on iraq. in his new book, he really wasn't. mr. rumsfeld will be here to explain. >> tis the season to be school joolly and that means a little nip now and then. >> bill: and o'reilly page found in connecticut. wait until you see this. culture warriors will have fun with it. caution you are about to enter the no-spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching. is liberal america going to win the union controversy? that is the subject of talking points memo. there is no question the controversy over union pay and bargaining power. some liberals believe it's a victory up ahead for left wing america. so you see thousands of liberals taking to the streets demonstrating in support of public unions. you also see the committed left wing me
this kind of unity is very much in america's interests. >> molly: the secretary also reiterated what president obama said, that the u.s. would not be contributing any ground troops. she attended a emergency summit today to get everyone on the same page about how to enforce the united nations resolution authorizing a no-fly zone over libya. >> jamie: as you said this is an emergency summit. she also made these statements. what other nations, do get the sense from listening to everyone there will contribute to the build-up of assets we heard the u.s. is putting in place? >> molly: as you were saying this wasn't a military planning session but rather a chance to define the expectations of military action. n car car made it clear that french jets already were in the air, also six f-16ss from denmark landed in sisly and italy is making seven bases. spain sent four f-18's and reruling plane as well as deploying a submarine, a naval frigate and naval plane. norway would say it would send jets to enforce the no-fly zone. britain has moved three warships in the mediterranean and spokesman for
. captioned by closed captioning services, inc [ applause ] >> glenn: hello, america. welcome to friday. tonight is a special show. every time we do a friday show it's always like hey, let's talk about something really depressing where we all want to hang ourselves. tonight it's the fed! oh, it's going to be spooky. during the financial crisis, most americans heard a lot about the federal reserve but most americans don't know anything about it, how it works, what it is, who etch runs it, how it's run they know that it buys our debt, sets up interest rate, has a lot to do with the economic well-being of our nation. where did it come from? tonight as part of the e-4 focus, we'll delve into e-2 and get educated on the fed. g. edward griffin, author of this book. if one more person hands me this book, i really, i'm going to -- i get this from so many. i go out and people are like have you read this book? yes, i have. may i recommend have you read this book? if not, read it. "the creature from jekyll island." it's a fascinating book on the fed. the author is one of our guests tonight. we're
of chile generating catastrophic and it killed 12500 people in south america. in 17s an earthquake spawned a tsunami that rocked japan. 1952, in russia far east rattled by the fourth largest quake. nobody died because the region is so sparsely populated. and completely different story for indonesia back in 2004, who could forget 9.1 quake that sent a tsunami across the indian ocean. more than 230,000 people perished. 1964, 9.2 quake shook prince william sound, alaska killing 131 people. most powerful on record, 9.5 leveled parts of southern chile back in 1960, more than 1700 people were killed in a region with no major metropolitan centers. >> kelly: there are new reports coming in from libya claiming khadafy forces have taken back control of the key oil city ras lanuf. this is new video of air force jets of attacking a rebel checkpoint. this as the arab league say they will create a no-fly zone or back it in the country. streaming live from benghazi. >> right now it seems there is nothing to stop khadafy. when i say nothing, the rebels are there, but every time they are fired on by khadaf
the house hearings on muslim extremism in america. why hope >> bill: fridays with geraldo segment tonight. we have an amazing southbound bite for sound bite for you. holding hearings about the muslim jihad in america. think it's unfair to single out one group even if that group has been thousands for american deaths. al greene was con fronted with that fact. >> you reported of all the 126 indictments, all of them have been muslim. do you think that >> bill: okay. here now to respond fox news anchor geraldo rivera. so, i guess we are going back in history now. does congressman green have a point? >> well, the only al greene i know is the soul singer: he has a point. i understand his point. his larger point which i totally endorse is that it is unfair as you mention in your lead-in to single out this one group. >> bill: i didn't say it was unfair. i said some people, like you, crazy left wingers, think it is. >> can i tell -- it's not 126. that's eric holder's number of the people prosecuted for terrorism. your audience has to know of the 126, we are talking about 50 american citizens. the
the infracentral america and what could be going on there right now. we will be talking to you again in a little while. but right now, we have heard from the deputy chief cabinet secretary of japan. he spoke momes ago. we wanted to listen to a little bit of what he had to say. >> we are prioritizing human lives. weil work with local governments to facilitate that action, providing as much information as possible. we are going to provide the informs to those affected by the disaster in cooperation with local governments. >> that was the deputy chief cabinet secretary there in japan, talking about what they were going to do, human life being the first concern. we are getting reports of injuries out of tokyo. that's something we had not heard so far, of course, it appears we did see some fires, people reported feeling shocks after the massive earthquake hit off the coast. people reported, you know, feeling it for a few minutes and people running out into the streets. but we are seeing pictures that are coming from along the coastline. right there, you can see somebody waving a flag, obviously in ne
to japan. a second is on its way to assist with recovery efforts. president obama says america stands prepared to assist in whatever way it can. >> i'm heartbroken by this tragedy. any assistance that we can provide wll be providing. japan i'm sure will come back stronger than ever, hopefully with our help. >> shepard: in the united states, waves are swamping hawaii beaches and damaging harbors in california along the boarder with oregon. that's where these pictures are. this is what many hawaiians woke up to in the middle of the night. [ buzzer ] a tsunami warning is in effect. >> shepard: we have team fox coverage of the epic disaster. alicia acuna at the earthquake center. and first, trace gallagher. japan continuing to get rocked. >> reporter: since the 8.9 earthquake, they have been struck with three major aftershocks and two were stronger than the san francisco earthquake in 1989. i want to show you video inside a grocery store. this will give you an idea -- this is an office building in tokyo and this will give you an idea how powerful the earthquake was. this is hundreds of mi
of "pacific culture history of u.s.-japan relations," and the japanese national living in america. give us the translation of your first name. >>guest: it means man of order, harmony, order. and "man." >> that is part of japan, it is order. it comes from, actually, living under samurai and i will get to that history in a little bit because the problem with the government that changes things with the government and you wrote a piece in today's wall street journal that talked about "look out because the government can do some things here, nefarious people can do things to change a constitutional republic if a crisis this large. but, first, i am, we have given, how many billions $64 billion, rather, million, to the red cross in the first six days and it was over $200 for haiti and why want to talk about why that might be happening i want to talk about different ways we can help so we don't lose ourselves. you had a great suggestion of the troops. >>guest: it was possible for people to contribute to our troops who are working around the clock, 24/7, bringing if supplies, on the ground, with th
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